Description: Large Office Building: Foyer Ambience: Voices, Activity, Escalator and Ventilation Rumble, Distant Truck

Description: Typewriter, Brother Ep20, Thermo, Portable, Normal, Office; Digiffects; Typewriters

Description: HandDryerBathroom_S011OF.36 office, hand, dryer, bathroom, run, loop

Description: The sound of a moderately calm office with office chatter, printing, key typing & telephones ringing. Perfect for a background office sound.

Description: 35Mm Film Reel Tower: Start, Rewind Film, Stop; Projectors

Description: Ambience of working office people talking, phones, steps

Description: Typewriter, Brother Ep20, Thermo, Portable, Slow, Office; Digiffects; Typewriters

Description: Fax With Memory: Send Fax, Print Transmission Report, Office, Fax Machine Other General Office Equipment

Description: FanPublicBathroom_S011OF.35 office, fan, public, bathroom, loop

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