Description: Fast Spinning Loop Roll & Spin Foley

Description: Manhole Cover: Heavy Spinning Wobble, 3 Takes, Metal Foley, Roll & Spin Foley

Description: Wooden Cart, Moving Back And Forth, Shopping Roll & Spin Foley

Description: Large Heavy Cart Rolling Roll & Spin Foley

Description: Large Marching Drum: Spinning On Hard Surface Drum Music

Description: Large Metal Raffle Drum: Spinning, Full With Paper Draw Ballots, Draw Gambling Equipment & Cards

Description: Spinntoon, 4 Versions, Spinning, Cartoon, Slowing Down; Digiffects; Comic Flexible Accents; Comic Friction Accents

Description: A 26 inch bicycle wheel spinning fast and slowing down to a stop with a steak knife bouncing on the spokes. It has a gambling chance wheel or industrial machinery sound also.

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