Description: A constant and steady air pressure hiss from a leaking air line coupling, Edited for seamless looping,

Description: A clinking hanging heavy duty iron tow chain movement. Edited for seamless looping.

Description: A hula hoop that's filled with beads spinning around. Edited for looping.

Description: A US quarter dollar coin being spun around inside of a porcelain bowl by centrifical force. It has a fine grinding or sliding sound and modulating doppler effect. Edited for seamless looping.

Description: A bloop sound from popping your finger out of the opening on a 12 ounce beverage bottle

Description: Scraping ice on a vehicle windshield with a plastic ice scraper. Can be looped.

Description: A 26 inch bicycle wheel spinning with a Cal Ripken rookie baseball card stuck into the spokes. It also has a gambling roulette chance wheel, sewing machine, industrial machinery, or fishing reel sound. (Just kidding about the Ripken) Edited fo looping.

Description: A golf ball being spun around by hand inside of a 16 inch diameter metal siv pan.Edited for looping.

Description: A finger pressure triggered liquid spray bottle spraying water onto a plastic sheet. Can be looped.

Description: Shaking a hula hoop that is filled with beads. Edited for looping.

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