Description: Sliding movement from a heavy duty contractor steel tape measure coiling out of the body housing.

Description: The lever action of closing the glass globe on an oil lamp after lighting the wick.

Description: The lever action of lifting the glass globe on an oil lamp for lighting the wick.

Description: A slow pull of a curtain hanging on a metal rod by metal rings.

Description: A modulating high pitched whiz from quickly pulling a plastic fabric tape measure between fingertips.

Description: A whizzing and whirling from yanking hard on a 100 foot plastic fabric surveyors tape measure.

Description: A quick slide with stop impact of a heavy glass and steel shower door.

Description: Pulling out the metal legs of a camera tripod.

Description: A rotating chainsaw chain sliding on the chain bar from a quick jerk by hand.

Description: A quick drag of a small basket on a linoleum floor.