Description: A small amount of grainy sand sliding inside of a cardboard box.

Description: Several pops from sqeezing some plastic shipping air cushion bubble wrap.

Description: An inflated rubber party balloon squeezed by hand until it pops.

Description: Pointed metal object scratching writting on laminate simulating a signature.

Description: A plastic supermarket egg container being crushed with a nice crunchy squeeze sound.

Description: A couple of dozen of 100 year old US silver coins rustled around by hand, Perfect sfx for money transactions, treasure, counting, or video game score reward. It has a sound of walking on a pile of treasure, Coins used include dollar, half dollar, quarter dollar, and dime. loot, bling, swag

Description: A variable and modulating air pressure hiss from a leaking air line coupling.

Description: A squeaking mouse pet toy that's a favorite of cats and kittens.

Description: A large icicle smash when dropped from 8 feet high onto a wooden deck.

Description: A bloop sound from popping your finger out of the opening on a 12 ounce beverage bottle

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