Description: A beautiful 25 second recording of Lost Creek in Provo Canyon, UT.

Description: A beautiful recording of Cottonwood Creek in Emery County, UT.

Description: A beautiful recording of String Lake in Teton National Park.

Description: A beautiful recording of the Provo River in Provo, UT. I recorded this around midnight on an early summer night in 2012. The water was particularly high that year so it sounded more interesting than usual.

Description: Water Stream Running sound.

Description: Fast flowing woodland stream. Rich wide stereo recording. Loop ready

Description: Loop ready stereo sound recording of a shallow stream, creek, or brook bubbling and babbling as it flows along.

Description: Water in a small stream babbling

Description: water flowing in small stream

Description: Babbling brook gurgling and splashing over rocks and pebbles and into small pools