Description: Sounds of a summer morning here in Virginia.

Description: This was a nice rain we had that broke the heat wave back at the end of June and is so relaxing I thought some could use this as a sound clip for a few things.

Description: This is a great Thunder clip from a summer time thunderstorm back in June 2011. This was an awesome storm as you might tell by this sound clip. This is an awesome clip.

Description: This is very interesting I think. This is the sound of snow falling on my camera as I was out filming the snowstorm back in February 2012. I think it is a unique sound.

Description: This is an awesome clip of the rain and birds singing.

Description: Another great thunderstorm from 2011 here.

Description: Made this on a rainy day a while back and it is a good steady rain clip.

Description: I revised this one to get out some sounds that did not go to well with this clip. Whole lot better now, Enjoy

Description: 123 mile an hour winds that I recieved on June 30 2012 from that big Derecho storm that hit us and caused so much damage. This was filmed off my front porch and it was quit an event let me tell you. This is an awesome clip as you hear everything in this from the thunder to the wind to the trees falling during this storm. It was most powerful.

Description: This was an awesome thunderhead straight above me when I recorded this. The lightning was something else also. Did not quit make it to a full storm but gave it one good try before dying out later on in the evening.

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