Description: Lapping and sloshing waves over pebbles and rocks inside a small rocky cove on the seashore.

Description: Gentle wind ambiance on top of a very tall building or structure. This would be suitable for backgrounds to games featuring outdoor atmosphere looped for a seamless sounds cape.

Description: An atmospheric sound of a cosy cottage open fireside with a cold winter wind lashing rain, sleet, snow at the window. Can be looped for a permanent winter.

Description: Swirling sea water sloshing inside a cave creating a strange ambiance.

Description: Imagine being on top of a very tall skyscraper in a strong wind and this is what you will hear. A great atmospheric, intimidating sounds cape that could suit any games featuring tall buildings.

Description: A big sounding sounds-cape of a very eerie ocean and wind.

Description: Atmospheric rumbling sound inside the earth's core with molten larva, fire and brimstone. Perfect for any ambient background for the natural world or even Science Fiction.

Description: Steady falling raindrops.

Description: Creaking and cracking ice flowing on the surface of flowing water.

Description: Swirling and sloshing waves over pebbles and rocks on the seashore.

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