Description: Slow distant waves crash on the shore. Hint of sea wind. Harmonic tone towards the end. Stereo.

Description: Many textured downpour. Recorded in stereo.

Description: Wind gust blows through a very large spreading tree. 4 minute continuous stereo take as naturally occurred. Gust increases in intensity.

Description: Water flows down rain gutter during a rain storm. Close up stereo field recording. Light metal.

Description: Stream recorded after a rainfall. Great texture and watery feeling. Stereo. Recorded at a distance but few distractions. Sometimes there is a wind blowing through nearby trees.

Description: Caught in a wind storm deep in the woods. Leaves blowing all around me. Stereo. Field recording.

Description: Wind gusting through green leaves. Light birds at tail out. Stereo field recording.

Description: Palm frond movement in a light breeze. Stereo. Part of a series.

Description: Steady breeze through palm fronds. Stereo. Been trying to capture this sound for some time. Part one of a series.

Description: Rising wind through trees that levels off. Some distant lakeside bird calls can be heard. Stereo. Field recording.

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