Description: Rocks and stones clacking together from the force of the tide under the sea.

Description: Rapid formation of ice crystals.

Description: Ice crystals rapidly forming on metallic surface.

Description: Creaking and cracking ice flowing on the surface of flowing water.

Description: A single transitional sea water splashing sound for multimedia or game use.

Description: Sound of a small objects skimming over a frozen lake.

Description: Sound of large object or person plunging through the surface of frozen water.

Description: Huge icebergs slowly moving against each other creaking for highly atmospheric soundscape.

Description: Imagine being on top of a very tall skyscraper in a strong wind and this is what you will hear. A great atmospheric, intimidating sounds cape that could suit any games featuring tall buildings.

Description: A big sounding sounds-cape of a very eerie ocean and wind.

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