Description: Made this in February 2012 one evening, and this is my favorite of the fireplace burning and the rain and thunder going, it is so relaxing. Sounds great to I might add.

Description: Great storm clip here and will be good for sound effects or whatever you might use it for.

Description: Made this on a rainy day a while back and it is a good steady rain clip.

Description: This is one awesome lightning strike with a very close call I had one summer day back in 2011. Should have been there, it was awesome.

Description: This was made from a storm I did back in 2011 also and is of the stork where my o so famous lightning strike came from.

Description: This is a great Thunder clip from a summer time thunderstorm back in June 2011. This was an awesome storm as you might tell by this sound clip. This is an awesome clip.

Description: I revised this one to get out some sounds that did not go to well with this clip. Whole lot better now, Enjoy

Description: Another great thunderstorm from 2011 here.

Description: Made this from a storm in March 2012.

Description: This is a great rain clip and has the dripping on the gutter and all in this. I fall asleep every time I listen to this.

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