Description: Howling Gusts With Wet Rainy Ambience

Description: Ghost Town Ambience: Howling Wind, Wood And Metal Creaks, Horror, Weather Horror & Haunted Ambiences

Description: Medium Waterfall: Flowing With Heavy Splashing; Waterfalls

Description: Desert Wind 2 - Soft, Build To Hard Steady Wind.

Description: Light, Traffic In B/G, Weather Rain

Description: Ice, Winter, Breaking, Creaking, Rumble, Version 3; Digiffects; Miscellaneous Foley Objects

Description: Medium, Rain On Wooden Roof, Thunder Rumble, Weather Rain;Thunder & Lightning

Description: Storm Wind: Heavy Blowing And Whistling Storms & Natural Disasters;Wind

Description: The sound of light rain on car roof, from interior perspective, loop

Description: Medium Water Fall: Heavy Flow Ambience Waterfalls