Description: Playground Wind, Weather Wind

Description: Ghostly, With Whistling

Description: Heavy Rain Against Interior Of Window, Intensity Varies, Weather Rain

Description: Medium Waterfall: Flowing With Heavy Splashing; Waterfalls

Description: Waterfall, Small, Close, Frogs, Birds, Azores; Digiffects; Waterfalls

Description: Ice, Winter, Breaking, Creaking, Rumble, Version 2; Digiffects; Miscellaneous Foley Objects

Description: Blustery Wind Howl And Whistle, Weather Wind

Description: Medium Water Fall: Heavy Flow Ambience Waterfalls

Description: Large Thunderstorm At Sea: High Winds, Ocean Waves, Rain And Big Thunder Cracks, Weather Rain;Storms & Natural Disasters;Thunder & Lightning;Wind

Description: Underwater Waterfall: Indoor: Heavy Gurgling Miscellaneous Underwater