Description: This was also on June 30 2012 and I thought this was so unusual beings it was so hot for this to sound so cold, it was quit refreshing to listen to at the time also it was 112 that day wow hot huh ? :-)

Description: This is a nice clip of a good rain with distant thunder.

Description: A very spooky thunderstorm I recorded tonight and the thunder was especially spooky.

Description: This is a great rain clip and has the dripping on the gutter and all in this. I fall asleep every time I listen to this.

Description: Made this from a storm in March 2012.

Description: This was made from a storm I did back in 2011 also and is of the stork where my o so famous lightning strike came from.

Description: Great storm clip here and will be good for sound effects or whatever you might use it for.

Description: Made this in February 2012 one evening, and this is my favorite of the fireplace burning and the rain and thunder going, it is so relaxing. Sounds great to I might add.