Description: Rain, Calm, Water, Version 1; Digiffects; Rain

Description: Heavy Rain On Cement, Weather Rain

Description: Wind Storm: Intense Whistling Wind With Heavy Gusts Nd Blowing Snow; Storms & Natural Disasters, Wind

Description: Wind Storm: Blustery Winter Wind, Wood Creaks; Farm, Rural & Countryside Ambiences, Wind

Description: Mountain Wind: Light Gusts, Light Debris, Weather Wind

Description: Medium Rain On Hard Surface, Heavy Drops; City & Urban Ambiences, Rain

Description: Dry Gusty Wind, Leaves And Sand Blowing, Weather Wind

Description: Rain, Calm, Water, Version 2; Digiffects; Rain

Description: Arctic Wind: Heavy Wind, Intensity Varies Ambience, Weather Wind

Description: Heavy Hurricane Wind Blowing Debris, Natural Disaster, Weather Storms & Natural Disasters;Wind