Description: Train station hall background ambience.

Description: AIRPORTS & STATIONS TRAIN STATION: Rush hour crowd, footsteps & chatter, grand central station.

Description: Chatter and footsteps at a busy metro train station (ticket machines in distance).

Description: Metro train moving - interior background ambience.

Description: Central Station of Brazil Rio de Janeiro Central Hall Lounge Fast food pedestrian movement bg general environment uproar-b

Description: Medium Activity; Victoria Station; Victoria Train Station London. General Background And Activity.

Description: Various inside and interior sounds and noises

Description: New York City subway station ambience - general ambience with people walking and talking close-by and in background and trains pulling in and out of station.

Description: Subway station stereo - Recorded with high end stereo broadcast equipment.

Description: Train Station ambience including train arrival, loud speaker announcement and whistle.

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