Description: Office Room With Light Traffic Hum, No A / C.

Description: Room With Light Traffic Wash, No A / C.

Description: Room With Medium Traffic Wash, No A / C.

Description: City Environment, Ambience, Medium Traffic, New York, Usa; Digiffects; Traffic Ambiences

Description: Small Plaza Parking Lot: General Ambience, Cars, Voices, Footsteps; Traffic Ambiences, Car Passes

Description: Heavy Traffic Jam, Car Horns Blaring Traffic Ambiences

Description: Underground Parking Garage: Light Ambience, Ventilation, Distant Cars, Light Hum, Heavy Rumble, Auto Miscellaneous Ambiences

Description: medium speed, steps, trolley, cars, tracks, buses, voices

Description: Atmo Street Noise, much Traffic -

Description: Traffic Pass Slow - City Street - Variety of vehicles pass close

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