Description: Room With Light Traffic Wash, No A / C.

Description: Office Room With Light Traffic Hum, No A / C.

Description: Airy Room With Medium Traffic Wash.

Description: Truck In, Drop Load, Back-up Beeps, Hammering, Busy With Distant City Wash.

Description: Traffic Rumble With Closer Construction, Hammering, Saws, Walla. Same As 39, Heavy.

Description: Construction Site With Traffic Wash, Horns, Hammering, Walla, Back-up Beeps.

Description: Very Heavy Freeway Traffic, Tire Whine, Rumble And Fast Bys, Close POV.

Description: Traffic Heavy, Fast Bys On Highway / Freeway.

Description: Freeway Overpass, Tires Overhead. Truck, Car Bys And Away, Close POV.

Description: Freeway Traffic, Car And Truck Bys, Tire Whine, Close POV.