Description: Highway with car passing by on wet pavement with light rain in background. Car By, Rain Wet Bys Wet Traffic.

Description: Highway Traffic, Busy; Close Perspective Cars And Trucks.

Description: Light Traffic, Intersection, Streetcars, Ambience Traffic Ambiences

Description: Sound of: ambience from indoor marketplace parking - looping

Description: Medium Traffic, 25-30 Mph, Horns, Ambience Traffic Ambiences

Description: Intersection road,small city,Poland

Description: Vehicles drive past from left to right. Car Bys, Traffic Intersection, City.

Description: Tunnel Santa Barbara, Rio de Janeiro, inner direction Center Oranges, early traffic light and growing bg vehicles lane the opposite direction

Description: City Tunnel: Two Way Traffic: Constant Flow, Stop And Go, Some Heavy Truck Traffic; Traffic Ambiences

Description: Square Flag, Transit flowing near Maracana, Rio de Janeiro, bg beginning Metro finishing pass