Description: Heavy traffic sound with cars passing by.

Description: Traffic sound with cars passing by and one car in background

Description: People leaving a place by car at night. You can hear people entering cars and driving sound as well as open and closing a door.

Description: Car sound on a highway with heavy rain sound and Windshield wiper

Description: Sound of a car driving on a highway with loud noise of surrounding and other cars and driving sound.

Description: Tunnel Santa Barbara, Rio de Janeiro, entry, direction Oranges Center, heavy traffic bg vehicles lane the opposite direction

Description: Transit, Runway Roller, vehicles average speed ambulance siren bg puperficie metro and train crossing the viaduct

Description: Transit, Runway Roller, vehicles and motorcycles in average speed bg the background train passing the viaduct

Description: Suburb city calm environment tranquil bg birds

Description: Street, Rio de Janeiro, Cinelandia, Senator Dantas, pedestrians, vehicles, buses bg environment