Description: City Environment, Ambience, Medium Traffic, New York, Usa; Digiffects; Traffic Ambiences

Description: Two Lane With Road Seam, Heavy Ambience Traffic Ambiences

Description: Small Plaza Parking Lot: General Ambience, Cars, Voices, Footsteps; Traffic Ambiences, Car Passes

Description: Driving Fast In Tunnel, Windows Open, Interior Car Point Of View. Light Traffic, Constant Airy Roar. Exit Tunnel At Tail. Could Play For Tunnel Ambience Or Car Exterior.

Description: Quiet traffic in city or town - late at night.

Description: New York City: Medium Traffic: General Ambience Traffic Ambiences

Description: New York City: Traffic: Slow Rush Hour, Heavy Horns Ambience Traffic Ambiences

Description: Heavy Traffic Jam, Car Horns Blaring Traffic Ambiences

Description: Light Traffic, German, Foreign, City World Ambiences, Germany

Description: A parking lot rural ambience at the Huntington Library in CA.