Description: TRAFFIC BIG CITY: EXT B/G: Busy street near large puddle, many trucks, 1970.

Description: New York City Traffic, Fast Car Bys, Horn.

Description: TRAFFIC HIGHWAY: Individual cars pass on highway.

Description: Traffic - Urban / Busy, New York Intersection.

Description: Suburb; Early Morning Suburban Traffic With Birds. Distant Traffic.

Description: Distant Siren In City Traffic. Starts As Whooper Then Changes To Wailer. Close Traffic Ambience.

Description: City Traffic, Rumble, Car Bys On Wet Pavement, Medium POV.

Description: Traffic Jam, Group Of Cars Honk Their Horns Simultaneously, Various Pitches & Lengths.

Description: Heavy Traffic Jam, Distant Sirens, Car Bys, Distant Helicopter Rumble, Horns.