Description: TRAFFIC BIG CITY: EXT B/G: Cars driving over loose manhole cover.

Description: TRAFFIC WET TRAFFIC: EXT B/G: City traffic in slush with horns.

Description: Truck In, Drop Load, Back-up Beeps, Hammering, Busy With Distant City Wash.

Description: Traffic Over Bridge, Rumble With Overpass Clanks.

Description: Urban Ambience, Police Siren, Bus In Close, Brake Squeak And More Close Car Bys, Some Light Walla.

Description: Heavy City Traffic, Close Truck Bys, Air Brakes, Fast Car Bys.

Description: Wet Bys; Fast By Through Very Shallow Standing Water. Medium Perspective. Pass Bys.

Description: Lexus SUV internal recording reving shifting and taking off.

Description: Ambience: Close Traffic with Multiple Car Bys.