Description: Ambience of a Greek harbour (Mandraki Harbour, Rhodes Town) in the morning with yachts and boats passing

Description: Ambience of the 'Fountain's Sqaure' in Rhodes Old Town, Greece in the evening

Description: Ambience of a Greek beach (Rhodes Town) on a hot, calm day, sitting at the edge of the water

Description: Large, empty workshop / warehouse. The sound of a roller shutter door being opened by pulling a chain, then letting go as it crashes back in

Description: Busy street ambience from the English city, Chester, people and distant traffic

Description: Short burst of distant fireworks going off on Bonfire Night in a small town in the country

Description: Ambience of a small public toilet / bathroom with drips and fan noise

Description: Dawn chorus from just outside Djemaa El Fna square, Marrakech, Morocco approx 5am, April

Description: Close to shore recording of a calm sea with 2 early teen girls playing in the water

Description: School children playing in a distant playground, with various traffic and external sounds

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