Description: Car passing slow on a drawbridge

Description: Ambience of Heathrow London Airport. Steps, trolleys and carts passing by, announces and voices

Description: Springtime, Early morning, but it can also be sunset time. Swallows singing and flying like crazy, cars passing by, steps, people starting the day. Recorded in a small town in Tuscany

Description: Standing in the subway a train arrive, stop and leave. Nice ambiance of a empty subway with few voices far away, Then another train arrive and you hear the doors closing announcement.

Description: Recorded during a Popular feast in the Chicago suburbs, Bells are in foreground, people voices in the background

Description: City noises from the 42second floor. buzz of the city,

Description: From the 42second floor, bells of the drawbridge... this is Chicago, sirens, and buzz of the city

Description: Ambience of a downtown City, cars passing by, trains, people talking

Description: Ambience of Heathrow Express train station between terminals (London) with train passing by, and announcements

Description: Recorded during a treatment of my teeth, using binaural microphones

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