Description: Defibrillator 2; Defibrillator; Charge Up Squeal, Discharge; Close Perspective. Hospital.

Description: Defibrillator 1; Defibrillator; Charge Up Squeal, Discharge With Meaty Punch; Close Perspective. Hospital.

Description: Cash Register; Cash Register. Button Depressed With Bell Ring, Quicker Drawer-slide Open With Coin Movement, Slide Drawer Closed.

Description: Heart Monitor; with Flat line 1; EKG Heart Monitor; Regular Repeating Medium Pitched Beep With Slight Trailing Reverb / Solid Flat line Beep, Close Perspective. Hospital.

Description: Operating Room: Hospital Machines Beeping And Humming.

Description: Mountain Ambience With Close Perspective Bird Song And Echoey Exotic Bird Call In The Background ( Version 1 ) .

Description: Hospital Ambience With Heart Monitor Activity, Increasing To Flat line Emergency.

Description: Hanging Sequence, 2 Versions; Trapdoor Lever Releases Trapdoor, Body Falls, Rope Tenses; Version 1 With Swinging Rope; Version 2 Faster, No Swinging Rope.

Description: Light Wind In Trees With Busy Birds.

Description: Night Mountain - Crickets, Dogs, Coyote.

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