Description: Office Room With Light Traffic Hum, No A / C.

Description: CROWD - FOREIGN PLAYGROUND: EXT: Small children in Paris playground, banging, present city rumble.

Description: Tunnel Ambience, W Low Drone Reverberation From Distant Airplane.

Description: Museum Interior, Medium Perspective Art Tour Lecture ( Female ) . Distant Walla Roar, Footsteps And Movement Close.

Description: CROWD - FOREIGN PLAYGROUND: EXT: Spanish speaking children in playground, mother speaks occasionally, low level city drone. .

Description: Horses; Period Town Atmosphere; Period Town Atmosphere. People, Horses, Carriages Etc.

Description: Walk Through Israeli Market Place, Merchant Walla, Shoppers.

Description: Air Fill; Church Tone Empty Interior, Occasional Distant Car By.

Description: Harbor Ambience; Water Lap On Rocks Close, Gentle Surf Medium Perspective. Distant Roar Of Plane City Ambience.

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