Description: double decker tourist bus ride on a uk highway. cars and other vehicles passing on the right. hum of tires on the road. pretty quiet.

Description: Bayou south east of New Orleans, in the reeds near a channel where shrimp boats go the gulf from. Lots of birds and bugs and a light breeze through the reeds.

Description: A little deeper in the reeds, in the bayou south east of New Orleans. Near a channel where shrimp boats head out to the gulf.

Description: Blustery location at Bodega Head in Northern California

Description: Bodega Head, closer the road and parking areas with the distant foghorn

Description: Busy carpeted hallway full of conventioneers bustling between halls.

Description: Foghorn in Bodega Bay, California. It sounds every five seconds. Recorded from nearby on Bodega Head.

Description: From a different side of Bodega Head, looking north up the coastline. Windy, loud surf

Description: Sky Harbor Airport, Phoenix, after midnight in the gate area waiting for a red eye flight

Description: Tjornin in Reykjavik in winter. Noisy ducks and some people, very windy.

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