Description: Heavy Traffic Bys On Bridge, Close. Middle Of Bridge Point Of View, Cars And Busses Whooshy Bys On Both Sides. Constant Noise With Defined Bys, Brake Squeaks.

Description: Traffic Cop Whistle Close, Two Short Blows; Directing Traffic. Light Traffic Ambience.

Description: Wet Light Traffic, Interior Closed Window Point Of View. A Few Brake Squeaks, Muffled Hiss Of Wet Street. Pause Between Traffic Bys.

Description: Wet City Traffic, Very Wide, High Perspective. Medium Busy Traffic Roar. Starts With Bus Rev And Away. Distant Garbage Truck Hydraulic Whine Distant Brake Squeaks And Honks. Tire Spin.

Description: Wet City Traffic Bys, Wider Perspective Than Previous Wet Traffic. Medium Busy. Tire Through Puddle Definition, A Few Honks. Bus Honk Doppler By. Sparse Footsteps Close, Walla.

Description: Light Wet Traffic Close Bys. Car Door Close Car Start Medium ( Index 02 @; 28 ), Traffic Bys Then Pauses. Two Truck In And Bys ( The Loudest Is Index 03 @ 1; 02, With Squeaks And Rattles On Away ) . Di.

Description: Wet Slushy Traffic By Close To Medium. Light Traffic; A Few Long Pauses. Tire Through Slush Definition. A Few Isolated Long In-and-bys.

Description: Very Wet Traffic Bys, Sidewalk Point Of View. Medium Speed Bys Close, Medium Busy With A Few Pauses. Sparse Close Walla. Tires Through Puddles.

Description: Wet One-lane Road, Medium Busy Traffic Bys Close. Several Cars By Medium Fast, Then A Pause, Then More. Wet Tire Definition, Birds Chirp.

Description: Wide Perspective One Way Street Traffic, Light. Sound Bounces Off Buildings. Cars And Trucks By ( One Loud Truck By ), A Few Car Door Closes, Car Start, Distant Movement. Sparse Pedestrians By.