Description: Beach Ambience With Seagulls In Background.

Description: Restaurant - Dinnerware Walla, No Voices Silverware dish clinks isolated.

Description: Bird Atmospheres, Meadow At Midday, Sparse Birds.

Description: Interior Group Of Arabic Men Low Murmuring, Lapsing Into Whispers.

Description: Night Mountain - Crickets, Dogs, Coyote.

Description: Huge Marble Interior Lobby, Museum. Busy Walla Roar Distant With Some Close Footsteps By. A Few Phone Rings Medium. Less Echoes, More Homogeneous Than Track 1010-24. No Elevator Bells.

Description: Night Time Southern Birds And Insects.

Description: Country Atmosphere; Country Atmosphere. Busy Mixed Bird Calls And Light Insect Sizzle With Occasional Sheep, Cattle And Herders Shouts.