Description: Car passing slow on a drawbridge

Description: Various cars passing by – loopable

Description: recorded in Italy pretty close to the highway, with audio technica AT825 microphone

Description: Close-up Van passing slow in front

Description: Recording of the Lakefront trail in chicago. Bicycles, motorcycles, voices, cars, music from the boats far away, sirens, horns.

Description: Birds in foreground, shot shotgun and rooster far away. Recorded in Italy

Description: Birds, shot shotgun far away, Recorded in the Chianti area in Tuscany.

Description: Wide stereo recording of frogs and birds and other ambience in wetland. Sanken CSS-5 Stereo Shotgun inside a full Rycote Windshield kit. Recorded into a Sound Devices 702 @ 24bit 96khz. Edited in Pro Tools HD.

Description: This track was recorded with Tascam HD-P2 stereo recorder and two Rode NT5 cardioid mics.