Description: Recording of nature with bird singing.

Description: Ocean waves crashing and birds. Recorded in La Rochelle, France. We can ear a chruch bell far away.

Description: JFK international airport check-in ambience (version 3) - people walking and talking, baggage and trolleys pulled and noise of baggage conveyor belts close-by.

Description: JFK international airport departure lounge ambience (version 1) - people walking and talking, café and shop noise, escalators operating close-by and automated female announcement informs of flight gate opening.

Description: Birds on windy morning, recorded with stereo condenser microphone. Please enjoy!

Description: The ambience of a hotel hallway with the sound of two men talking in the background.

Description: OUTSIDE AMB (from window INSIDE); courtyard school with light rain - children - light dream natura reverberation - small town - various moments FRANCE (non understandable) (02.wav)

Description: Natures most perfect white noise. equal at all frequencies, awesome.

Description: Recording of public festival.

Description: Recording of road traffic.