Description: The ambient nature sounds of the day just before dusk in Costa Rica.

Description: The sound of waves crashing against the beach on an evening in Costa Rica. Some animal sounds can be heard in the background at times.

Description: Loop ready stereo ambience recording from a village or farm in a rural or under developed area. A rooster crows, hens cluck, birds sing, crickets chirp, and flies or mosquitos buzz around.

Description: ambience, ambiance, suburban, downtown, cars, automobile, traffic, night, crickets, Royal Oak, Michigan, city, town

Description: Ambience of a day in the european village. Wind in trees, crickets, some dog barking far away. Seamless looping.

Description: Children having a lot of fun at a swimming pool or in a park playing with water.

Description: rainforest ambience with insects and birds

Description: Large space ambiance of water dripping which can be continuously looped for an eerie, damp background.

Description: Quiet southern lake with ducks taking off and landing, splashing and swimming by. Serene, quiet nighttime settings, with distant frogs and crickets. Wide stereo perspective, several close and mostly distant frog calls. Seamlessly loopable.