Description: Ambient sound of waves hitting against the shore at a lake during the day.

Description: Loop ready stereo ambience or sound effect recording of a street or alley in a city, town, or suburban area.

Description: a small waterfall rushing and splashing

Description: jungle night ambience sfx for film and games

Description: city ambience with seagulls recorded on a rooftop in spain

Description: calm industrial area at night

Description: Empty living room ambience in city apartment or house. Hint of domestic appliances, some birdsong from outside and distant rumble of traffic. Designed to be played at low volume but recorded and designed to peak around -12 db to keep quality intact. Loop ready.

Description: Distant busy city traffic, police sirens in the echoing in the distance

Description: The summer forest ambience with wind in trees, some birds chirping and singing, and light car traffic far away.

Description: Ambient sounds of the Pacific Ocean heard from the coast of Washington State