Description: Desert Wind Over Sand, Ambience, Weather Farm, Rural & Countryside Ambiences

Description: Prisoners breaking rocks with picks and shovels - roadside gang - grunts and moans

Description: Night Mountain - Crickets, Dogs, Coyote.

Description: Ambience room tone in a quiet room.

Description: Island Of Borneo: Heavy Jungle Ambience, Various Birds, Insects Forests, Jungles & Swamps

Description: Broadleaf Forest, Environment, Ambience, Birds, Europe -Summer; Digiffects; Forests, Jungles & Swamps; Birds

Description: Office Environment, Ambience, Busy; Digiffects; Office Ambiences

Description: Loop able ambience of a park in a city with a background of an highway far away

Description: General Atmosphere Farm, Rural & Countryside Ambiences