Description: Airport; Baggage; Baggage Conveyor Belt On, Running And Then Off.

Description: Airport; Air Traffic Control; Control Tower Fornebu Airport Norway. Telex Machine Start, Run And Stop With Background Voices From Controllers And Pilots.

Description: Airport; Flight Announcements; Loudspeaker Announcements Personal Type.

Description: Airport; Flight Announcements; Boac Female Flight Announcements Overlapping Each Other.

Description: Close Turnstile Ratchet At Subway Platform. Busy Ambience.

Description: Truck Gate Open; Metal Clunks, Metal Rolling. Distant Traffic Roar, Honk.

Description: Traffic Cop Whistle Close, Two Short Blows; Directing Traffic. Light Traffic Ambience.

Description: Street Ambience, Quiet Morning. Distant Traffic Drone. Large Newspaper Hits The Street Medium Perspective. Single Garbage Bag With Bottles Set Down. Screen Door Squeak Open And Close, Also Medium.

Description: Car Exterior - Medium & Wet - Double Bys And Aways.

Description: Car Exterior - Medium & Wet - By And Away.