Description: nice birds and bees outdoor atmosphere.

Description: Wall Street New York City external ambience (version 2) - people walk and talk and traffic and general city noise in background (medium busy).

Description: Tuning Up Before Playing, Voices, Music Orchestra Washes

Description: arena crowd cheers after foul shot.

Description: Royal Bugle Salute, Soldier Barking, Horses World Ambiences, England;Soldiers

Description: Small harbour ambience. Seagulls, trawlers and surf.

Description: Ambience Foreign Rome Italy Train Platform Crowd Walla 01.

Description: Various Exterior and outside noises and sounds

Description: Great sounds recorded on a summer night.

Description: Sound of the ambiance of a fairground amusement park with crowd noise bells music and general background noise. Ideal for projects that require this type of sound effect.