Description: Beautiful mother nature recorded in full stereo direct to digital. Beautiful sound of rain and thunder. These sound recordings of nature are also used in my award winning music albums heard throughout the world in such places as Pandora, Sirius, Music Choice and others. The stereo field is especially brought to focus in my recordings.

Description: Village ambience southern europe stereo

Description: London, England: Outdoor Market: General Ambience, Voices, Heavy Movement Markets & Bazaars;World Ambiences, England

Description: Australia: Jungle Forest, Mountain Interior: Early Morning Ambience: Birds, Insects, Ground Movement, Foreign Forests, Jungles & Swamps;World Ambiences; Australia & New Zealand

Description: Boats Marina Water (Harbor) Harbors & Beaches

Description: Various Bands Passing, General Crowd Walla Ambience Marching Bands, Military & Parade Music

Description: India: Large Group Of Young Monks Chanting Buddhist Scriptures, Large Reverberant Room Ambience, Foreign Churches;World Ambiences, India

Description: Shanti Town, Thailand: Small Village, Children Playing, Rooster Ambience, Foreign Farm, Rural & Countryside Ambiences;World Ambiences, Thailand

Description: Ambience of the 'Fountain's Sqaure' in Rhodes Old Town, Greece in the evening

Description: ambience, ambiance, wind, grass, cattails