Description: ANIMALS-JUNGLE BGS RAIN FOREST: Close up small frog, water dripping onto leaves, single cricket in background, La Selva, Costa Rica.

Description: Siskin, Pine Chirps. Cheerful, High-pitched Chirps In Foreground Along With Other Birds In The Medium And Distant Background. Medium Perspective.

Description: Games And Barker In B/G, Ambience Amusement Parks & Arcades

Description: Large, empty workshop / warehouse. The sound of a roller shutter door being opened by pulling a chain, then letting go as it crashes back in

Description: Sound of: forest birds ambiance in european area

Description: Marching Band, Ambience, Music Marching Bands, Military & Parade Music

Description: Apartment, Environment, Ambience, Open Window, Birds, Backyard; Digiffects; Room Tones

Description: Many Birds, Light Traffic Farm, Rural & Countryside Ambiences

Description: Airport, Pa Announcements, Arabic And English, Cairo; Digiffects; Airports; World Ambiences; Egypt; Announcements & Speeches