Description: Swamp Ambience 2 [special Mix]; Light Chorus Of Frogs Croak, Distant Perspective, With Insects Lazy Chirps, Medium Distant Perspective.

Description: Hotel Kitchen; Dorchester Hotel Kitchen Atmosphere From Various Locations, Pots, Pans, Cooking, Intercom And Chatter.

Description: Horn, Fog; 2 Ambient Blows Of A Fog Horn With Long Reverberant Decay.

Description: Bar Ambience; 30 People In Small Busy Bar, Mixed Happy Chatter With Occasional Glass Clinks; Close To Medium Perspective.

Description: Rodeo; Ambience With Whistle Blows And Walla.

Description: Hotel Reception; Hotel Reception Area. Busy Chatter.

Description: RESTAURANT Background CAFETERIA: English tea shop, walla and tea cup clatter, 1960.

Description: Underground Water Ambience - Streaming Water, Deep Cave Tones Or Underground Sewer Ambience.

Description: Restaurant - Busy With Dishes & Silverware.

Description: Rome, Italy - Piazza De Spa*a Day Atmosphere - Medium Distant Traffic, Kids Playing Soccer, Spoken & Shouted Italian- Ambience, European.