Description: Waterfront Ambience Medium Distant, Light Waves Lapping, Distant Foghorn, Light City Background.

Description: AIRPORTS & STATIONS TRAIN STATION: Rush hour crowd, footsteps & chatter, grand central station.

Description: One Way Street Traffic Bys, Medium Busy. Sound Bounces Off Buildings. Cars And Trucks By Close A Few Horn Honks Including Medium Truck Horn Bus Start, Variety Of Brake Squeaks. Multiple Bys, The.

Description: Super Market - Checkout Stand Walla, Register.

Description: Park Atmosphere; Late Afternoon. Heavy Traffic Roar, Some Voices. Children Playing.

Description: Chinatown Street, Three Women Close Walla With Busy Medium Perspective Movement, Walla, And Traffic With Sparse Honks.

Description: Museum Interior, Medium Perspective Art Tour Lecture ( Female ) . Distant Walla Roar, Footsteps And Movement Close.

Description: Night Jungle Ambience 1; Unusual Bird Calls Medium And Distant Perspectives. Insect Swells Close Perspective; Very Active.

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