Description: Electric Wheelchair Various Movements, Cu Perspective, W Squeaky Motor Starts Stops.

Description: Lab Ambience; Test Machinery 3; Large Room; Fan / Motor, Air Releases, Beeps, Computer Keyboard Entry, Slurping / Suction; Medium Perspective. Hospital, Lab.

Description: MRI; Scan In Progress, Various Knocks, Low Beeps, Machine Drone In Background.

Description: Sound of a waiting room in a doctors surgery with phones ringing footsteps voices and general ambiance. Ideal for projects that require this type of sound effect.

Description: Water Filtration Room; Repeated Oxygen Pumps; Water Trickling In Background, Clanks; Close Perspective.

Description: Blood Analyzer 3; Blood Analysis; Motor / Fan Noise, Beeps, Printing, Grinding, Small Servos; Close Perspective. Hospital, Lab.

Description: Tdx Drug Machine; Tdx Drug Machine; Motors / Fans In Background, Mechanical Clicks / Beeps / Printing In Foreground, Close Perspective. Hospital, Lab.