Description: Dentist Drill 2; Dentist Drill Drilling Tooth; Spin / Grind Against Tooth / Squeak / Squeal, Close Perspective.

Description: Dentist Spit Vacuum; Dentist Spit Vacuum; On / Hiss / Slurp / Gurgle; Close Perspective. Suction.

Description: Hospital Bed; Movement; Hospital Room Bed; Hydraulic Pump Up / Release Down / Squeak, Close Perspective.

Description: Respirator 4; Repeated Pumps Of Oxygen; Motor / Fan Drone In Background, Buzzer In Foreground, Medium Perspective. Hospital.

Description: Lab Disaster; A Cacophony Of Zaps, Buzzes, Alarms, And Explosions As The Laboratory Goes Up In Smoke; Medium Perspective.

Description: Refrigerator Door; Open / Close; Exterior Perspective; Three Times Refrigerator Door Open / Close, Fan / Motor; One Time With Interior Movement; Close Perspective. Hospital, Lab.

Description: Blood Analyzer 2; Blood Analysis; Fan / Motor, Printing, Buzzes; Close Perspective. Hospital, Lab.

Description: Tdx Drug Machine; Tdx Drug Machine; Motors / Fans In Background, Mechanical Clicks / Beeps / Printing In Foreground, Close Perspective. Hospital, Lab.

Description: Boiling Liquid; Sequence; Bunsen Burner / Beaker; Flame Hiss / Slow Rise To Boiling Over, Spittle, Crackle, Snap, Hiss, Glass Creaking; Close Perspective. Lab, Gas Fire.

Description: Oxygen Tank; Releases 3; One Long, Oxygen Tank Release; Turn On / Gas Hiss / Turn Off, Close Perspective. Pressurized Gas.