Description: X-ray Machines 2; Large X-ray Machine; Motor / Fan / Switches, Close Perspective. Hospital.

Description: Centrifuge; Lab Ambience With Machine Hum.

Description: Beaker; Stir 4; A Metal Stirrer Briskly Stirring A Liquid In A Plastic Beaker; Close Perspective. Pharmacy, Lab.

Description: Drill Dentist Wind Up, Movement and Wind Down.

Description: Heart Monitor; with Flat line 1; EKG Heart Monitor; Regular Repeating Medium Pitched Beep With Slight Trailing Reverb / Solid Flat line Beep, Close Perspective. Hospital.

Description: backround sounds of a hospital including nurse chatter and equipment noises.

Description: Respirator 3; Repeated Pumps Of Oxygen; Motor / Fan Drone In Background, Medium Perspective. Hospital.