Description: City noises from the 42second floor. buzz of the city,

Description: New York City: City Ambience: Heavy Pedestrians And Traffic, Voices; City & Urban Ambiences, Traffic Ambiences

Description: Atmo small Greece Town -

Description: Downtown Corridor, Busy Intersection, Heavy Ambience, Wet Road Traffic Ambiences

Description: City night ambience, crickets, distant traffic.

Description: New York City: Chinatown: Busy Street Ambience, Voices, Heavy Traffic, City Rumble; City & Urban Ambiences, Traffic Ambiences

Description: New York City: Light City Ambience: Street Corner: Crowd, Hot Dog Stand, Traffic, Occasional Horns City & Urban Ambiences

Description: Ambience of the city of Torrance CA in the day.

Description: Harbor ambience, port, haven - stereo - Recorded with high end stereo broadcast equipment.