Description: New York City: Busy Intersection: Heavy Traffic, Pedestrians, Horns, Overhead Subway Ambience City & Urban Ambiences

Description: Street Environment, Ambience, Outside Window; Digiffects; City & Urban Ambiences

Description: New York City: Times Square Ambience: Pedestrians And Traffic, Voices, Horns; City & Urban Ambiences, Traffic Ambiences

Description: Busy street ambience from the English city, Chester, people and distant traffic

Description: Traffic And Pedestrians, City Rumble Ambience City & Urban Ambiences

Description: Wall Street New York City external ambience (version 2) - people walk and talk and traffic and general city noise in background (medium busy).

Description: City Park: Daytime Ambience: Birds, Distant Traffic, City Roar And Hammering; City & Urban Ambiences, Traffic Ambiences, Birds

Description: City Park Ambience: Heavy Birds, Voices, Distant Traffic And City Rumble; City & Urban Ambiences, Schools & Playgrounds, Traffic Ambiences, Birds

Description: Traffic And City Rumble After Rain, Ambience City & Urban Ambiences

Description: City, Road, Medium, Traffic, Medium traffic, City ambience