Description: City, Road, Wind, Medium, Traffic, Medium traffic, City ambience

Description: Various Exterior and outside noises and sounds

Description: Sound of: marketplace downtown rumour ambience

Description: Building Site 8 - Breaking concrete foundations with jackhammer - road drill - pile driver hammering - site atmosphere

Description: Habor pontoon stereo - Recorded with Sony PDC D1.

Description: Loop able ambience of a park in a city with a background of an highway far away

Description: Wall Street New York City external ambience (version 1) - people walk and talk, one car passes close-by and traffic and general city noise in background (medium busy).

Description: Traffic And City Rumble From Balcony, Ambience City & Urban Ambiences

Description: High Street General Atmosphere, Downtown B/G City & Urban Ambiences

Description: Loop ready stereo ambience or sound effect recording of a suburban environment during the spring or summer. Birds are chirping, the breeze is gently blowing through the tress, a distant lawn mower cuts grass, and an airplane flies across the sky.

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