Description: Courtroom Gallery: Crowd Murmur And Reactions, Gavel Hits Ambience Courtrooms

Description: Trading Floor Ambience, Crowd Office Ambiences

Description: Convenience Store: General Ambience, Cash Register, Voices, Crowd Shops & Stores

Description: Activity,Shopping Mall,Pre-Open,Workers,Lite

Description: Corner Store, Old Fashioned, Busy, Usa, Shop; Digiffects; Shops & Stores

Description: Busy Department Store: Register, Voices, Footsteps Ambience, Crowd Shops & Stores

Description: Activity,Barn Club House,Working,Cleanup,Movement

Description: Underground Parking Garage: Distant Ventilation Fan Running, Car Passes By; Miscellaneous Ambiences, Traffic Ambiences, Car Passes

Description: Covered Parking Garage: Street Level: Traffic, Footsteps, Voices, Doors; Traffic Ambiences

Description: Empty living room ambience in city apartment or house. Tick tock of mechanical wind up clock. Hint of domestic appliances, some birdsong from outside and distant rumble of traffic. Designed to be played at low volume but recorded and designed to peak around -12 db to keep quality intact. Loop ready.

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