Description: Bar Ambience; 50 People In Large Busy Bar, Mixed Happy Chatter With Glass, Dish, And Utensil Clinks; Close To Medium Perspective.

Description: Bar; Pub Chatter And Atmosphere. Bottle And Glass Chinks Etc.

Description: Bar; Austrian Hotel; Austrian Hotel Bar Atmosphere. Male Chatter With Occasional Cash Register Noises.

Description: Bar Atmosphere Loop, Medium Crowd.

Description: Bar; American; American Bar Chatter. Medium Busy Chatter With Ambiance.

Description: Beer Mug Slide; Glass Mug Scraping And Sliding Over Surface With Small Ringing Out. Several Mug Put-downs And Pushes.

Description: Mixed Group Bar Walla, Approximately 50 People, W Band Warming Up In Background.

Description: A recording of a busy crowd in a large bar.

Description: high quality stereo recording of people partying in a bar.

Description: Athens, Greece: Outdoor Bar Ambience: Heavy Voices City Rumble