Description: Train Station, Usa, Grand Central, Very Big, Hum Of Voices, Busy, Version 1; Digiffects; Train Station Ambiences; Trains

Description: General Ambience: Pa Announcer, Medium Crowd, Light Applause, Some Music Amusement Parks & Arcades;Announcements & Speeches

Description: Amusement Park, Distant Environment, Ambience, Merry-Go-Round, Music, Roller Coaster; Digiffects; Amusement Parks & Arcades

Description: Large Outdoor Fair: Heavy Crowd Ambience, Voices, Heavy Activity, Rumble; Amusement Parks & Arcades

Description: General Ambience: Heavy Crowd, Fair Games, Park Amusement Parks & Arcades

Description: Amusement Park, Children, Screaming, Hum Of Voices, Version 2; Digiffects; Amusement Parks & Arcades

Description: Amusement Park Ambience, Carousel Music Plays Medium Cu W Various Carnival Games And Light To Medium Kids Walla In Background.

Description: New York City: Train Station: General Ambience: Heavy Crowd, Footsteps, Some Close Conversation, Cathedral Ceiling Train Station Ambiences

Description: Recorded with Audio Technica AT825 during a Summer Feast

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